Rules of Triage

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Rules of Triage

Post by Toy » Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:11 pm

I'm a 85 healing druid and I discovering that Triage is necessary for heroics so I've come up with several ground rules.

A triage works like this: Tank (he dies, everyone else does), Healer (me, check tank), dps
If dps is taking damage then it gets interesting.

Dead (you're dead), Doomed (you're going to die), Dieing (you can be saved if I focus), Hurt (a couple HoTs), Scratched (Just a single HoT), and Fine.

After tank and me, it goes Hurt, Dieing, then Scratched. Dieing comes second because I can't leave the tank alone for long, and I can only use lifebloom (main heal atm) on one target at a time.

So basic rules.

1. You are standing in an escapable AoE, you are DOOMED, I won't try to heal through it, it'll burn my mana too fast, if you get out, I'll throw you a hot or two after a while.

2. If you do anything that damages yourself (especially that mage save self which heals then hurts you) CALL IT OUT. I might not be prepared for it and you'll die without me realizing you're getting hurt.

3. DoT's are pains, those I can cleanse will be cleansed, but if I can't don't expect to be at full health constantly, I'll try to keep you above fifty but no promises.

4. Don't pull agro, this goes without saying. You are DOOOOMED.

5. If you can protect yourself with any defensive cool down when you get low, use it, it will do wonders for my mana..

6. My mana is an enrage timer, if I go oom the boss may as well be enraged, so try to avoid as much as you can.

If anyone has more feel free to add.
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Re: Rules of Triage

Post by Borthatos » Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:53 pm

Very nice. Some things to mention from a Hybrid DPS's point of view:

1) If you notice the healer is low on mana and you have the ability to heal, help out.

2) If you can cleanse a debuff do so asap

3) Don't break CC

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Re: Rules of Triage

Post by Benediction » Sat Dec 11, 2010 8:45 am

So far my experience, in pugs anyway, is that Borths #3 is more applicable to tanks than DPS. DPS are the ones usually throwing on the CC and are more aware of it atm, tanks seem to be tossing down their AoE willy nilly (I had a DK tank in Stonecore the other day breaking both my repentance and the mages poly with DnD in virtually every single fight, even after it was pointed out) and it just makes it all the harder on the healer.

I try my best to throw a WoG on people who need it when I'm dpsing, partially to help out and partially because I get a self dps buff if I do so (though it usually ends up being break even due to the loss of hopo using wog). But in the end if hybrid dps is having to pitch in healing and cleansing (unless its something only they can cleanse and the healer can't) too much, you're typically only delaying the inevitable and more often than not its more an indication of either (or both) the healer or tank being undergeared for the content.

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Re: Rules of Triage

Post by Toy » Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:59 pm

Another one

DPS If you're low health, back away from the boss and everybody else, dpsing till you die doesn't help.
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Re: Rules of Triage

Post by djinux » Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:05 am

Yes if you are a Shaman, especially Elemental you should be running with a full blown Healing UI the whole time and chip in in pinch. Ive played this way the entire time ive been an Elemental Shaman...

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Re: Rules of Triage

Post by Jackfruit » Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:46 am

I've been a Main Tank, Main DPS and Main Healer in my "career" playing wow over the last 6 years, and some basics have never changed (except at the end of xpacs, where people just faceroll).

Each role has very specific responsibilities, and if any one of them don't do their job, then the fun suffers because of needless wipes. Tanks need to be able to pick up strays off dps/heals, or mistakenly broken sheeps. They need to position the mobs/bosses. Healers need to keep folks alive, and now, do so efficiently, due to the mana usage/regen issues. DPS needs to be aware of healers plight especially and do the most damage they can to kill the target quickly (this also factors in to how fast a healer will run out of mana).

Working as a team is really the key. The two biggest things that I've learned playing this game is:

1. Try not to let Puggers influence your view, role or play style as a tank/healer/dps.

2. Be careful of becoming punitive in your tanking or healing roles especially. I know I have done that in the past with pugs lol. But try not to let that become an ingrained mentality. I actually had a healer get mad at me for focusing on a different mob than the tank and other dps had focused, and they didn't even realize I did it because it was going for them, and the tank didn't see it lol.

Overall, my experience here with LOK has been pretty great! Running instances/raids with ya'll has been pretty effective.
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