Raiding Rules and Expectations

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Raiding Rules and Expectations

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LOK is a casual raiding guild. We try and strike a balance between being one big happy family and raid focused roles. We use a form of dkp we call KP (for Karma Points) to hand out epics from 25 man raids (currently only for Ulduar raids). In context of this post, the term raiding refers to preset Calendar events for 25 man runs. If you have a desire to raid with LOK (and I assume you do by reading this), you can see the events on the in-game calendar by telling Gorwyn that you are interested.

Anyone in LOK can claim a toon to be a main (must be level 80). When raiding, we expect everyone to bring their mains.

How KP works:
By magic! If you are in the raid, you will accumulate KP for time spent in the raid and for downing bosses. Also, there is an On Time bonus for being in the raid on time. To find out how much KP you have, click on the link titled "DKP" on this forum, or when in game whisper Gorwyn !dkp (it is just that easy). The more KP you accumulate the more you have to spend on phat epics. When the loot drops, appropriate roles (ie. healers, tanks or dps) bid up to their max kp. Highest bidder gets the item and has a deduction of the amount of kp that was bid.

Required Mods:
Need to have the following installed and working:
  • Vent
    Deadly Boss Mods (or equivalent)
Raid Etiquette
  1. Be online on time, on your main, preferably at or heading to the raid site. Yes we can summon, but the more people who are at the site on time, the quicker we can get moving.
  2. Be prepared. Repair, have flasks, pots, food if you wish something other than fish feasts, appropriate gear if you may be switching specs during the raid, or for certain resist gear requirements.
  3. Be knowledgeable about the fights. Read up on strats, watch videos. Yes the raid leaders will give explanations, but the briefer the better, so the more you know going in, the less time has to be spent explaining fights.
  4. Concerning afk:
    1. Please don't take long afk's unless there's some emergency. Time will be given, usually between every few bosses, for bio breaks, etc.
    2. Going afk during the raid unannounced is highly frowned upon and grounds for dismissal from the raid group.
    3. Going afk frequently during the raid (outside of agreed upon raid breaks) is frowned upon.
  5. After boss kills, we encourage everyone not rolling on loot to immediately get to the next boss/trash and be ready to pull.
  6. Random discussions that are not related to the raid are frowned upon.
  7. Be respectful of your raid leaders. They work hard to learn the fights and devise the best strategy. Listen to them, do what they ask to the best of your ability. If a certain strat doesn't work, our leaders WILL try something different, but we don't need a dozen people arguing about strats in vent, that just eats up time. If you have a suggestion, please post it in the appropriate forum so it can be considered by the raid leaders.
Concerning loot:

Research the loot and know what you want ahead of time. Trying to figure out if you want an item during the bidding will either slow down the bidding, hence the raid progress, and / or possibly cause you to lose an item you may want if you don't bid fast enough.

Carefully read all the stats on an item that drops, so you are not accidentally bidding on something that is not good for you. (although if you research your loot ahead of time, this shouldn't be a problem).
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