How do you parents do this?

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How do you parents do this?

Post by gio »

So I have my nephews last week and this week. I get them up and fed and dressed and off to school for one and the other comes to work with me. Work and pick up the one from school then work some more. Get home fix dinner do homework then play or watch a movie. Bath time reading and tuck ins.

I used no commas because it feels like there are no pauses. How in the world do you find the time to play WoW for hours after tuck in time?!? I love the boys and spending time with them but find I'm too tired after all that. My hat is off to all those busy parents out there! :)
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Re: How do you parents do this?

Post by Ascaron »

pfffffffffffffffffftt. Haven't you seen the mom in "The Guild" ? ? ?

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Re: How do you parents do this?

Post by Harvin »

Two words: sleep deprivation
That's why I am always looking to bail from raids at 8pm server. I'm east coast, so that's 11pm for me, and I know the kids are getting up at 5:30 or 6:00am and I have to get them ... every day! :inpain:
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Re: How do you parents do this?

Post by Zodan »

You get used to it eventually. And also kids get older and handle more and more stuff on their own :)

I'd say we need WoW (or some other violent video game where you cause pain and injury to non-entities) to release frustration that kids naturally cause :)

Also, early bedtimes.
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Re: How do you parents do this?

Post by Miaraist »

My frequent absences and lack of reliability in WOW suggests I have no idea how to manage it either ! ;) Just when I think I have the 3 of them in a routine where I can fit in a little WoW - they switch things around for me!! It is always busy, always fun and very worth it - but I'm semi - zombie most of the time :) I am so glad your nephews get to have that time with you though Gio - family is a wondrous thing and that are very lucky boys!!!
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