Shadowmend Application.

Come here to inquire about guild recruitment. Open to the Public.
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Shadowmend Application.

Post by Ionami »

Character Information:
- ... Shadowmend
Age- 28
Tailoring -442
Enchanting -435

Guild Information:
My most recent guild was echelon. The reason I left was; the amount of time I could dedicate to the game had diminished. I was a core member of our team, I had been the Guild master as well ass the main raid leader/officer for some time. After being very active in game for so long I got a bit burned out.
I know quite a few people in LOK actually, have been playing for years now. My first memory is as a fledgling warrior in ZG. I stood behind Warman and Twizted soul. Both who had full Might sets. I was a part of Stromgarde Batallion at that time. From my most recent guild My friends include my real life GF Slinderkill, as well as Cattales, Bahnek, Vlaudd, Keagen!, milana, wirechaser, ... a few more I think but I would need to look again.
I am a fairly skilled player and know the ins and outs of the game from an officer/ raid leaders perspective :) I know how it was a challenge for me to achieve guild and personal goals working within the core officership.

Computer rig info:
Nope no problems with running W.O.W. I designed and built it from the ground up, piece by piece.
I only really use the standard raid mods, DBM,OMEN,RECOUNT,and Xpearl.

Raid Info:
I work in the am and am always free in the evening. I always come prepared for raids :) I believe I can participate near the highest level of play for my class. I consult, particularly. 70% raid attendance is fine. I stopped plaing after only a couple of bosses in Ulduar 10/25, I have recently starting gearing up myself again, and have pretty much all I can gather on my own cept for pugging, which is my next step. However I feel comfortable enough to apply at this time. I am all too familiar however with tankspots wonderful video selection. I am in the habit from leading raids/ and wanting to be successful , to study up.
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Re: Shadowmend Application.

Post by Wirechaser »

Bout time! haha. :geek:

Slinder told us you were thinking of applying. Glad you decided to!
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Re: Shadowmend Application.

Post by Keagan »

Indeed! Great to see you back in the game again.

Though this troubles me:
Ionami wrote:Keagen!, milana, wirechaser,
Only because I know Slinder put you up to it after I gave her a hard time in her app for giving Wire the exclamation mark.

That and you spelled my name wrong... I am not Keagen, I am Keagan!
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Re: Shadowmend Application.

Post by totemed »

Thank you for applying to Lords of Karma. Please find me in game to complete your application process.

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Re: Shadowmend Application.

Post by Vlaudd »

Good to see you again.
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Re: Shadowmend Application.

Post by Neptulons »

Good to see you again!!

(My main was marvino back when we were in Echelon.)
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Re: Shadowmend Application.

Post by Jackfruit »

Dood, Io, it's good to see you man! Glad to see the app. This is Deathknyte btw lol.

Look forward to more Irish/Metal/Whatchamacallit music lol.
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