Naf Rogue Application

Come here to inquire about guild recruitment. Open to the Public.
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Naf Rogue Application

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Character Information

1. Main Character Name with Link to WoW Armory: ... ner&cn=Naf

2. Real Life Age:


3. Class of your Main:


4a. Primay Spec of your Main:


4b. Secondary Spec of your Main:


5. Professions and Level:

Enchanting and Skinning, I haven't begun to level them since getting to level 80 is my main priority right now.

Alts are not allowed until the main is promoted to a member level.

Guild Information

1. Have you read and will abide by the Guild Doctrine?


2. What are your previous/current guild(s) and why did/do you want to leave?

<Eggs and Crits>, Planned to apply to LoK the day I started to play WoW. I simply joined to be part of a leveling Guild.

3. List the names of people you know from Lords of Karma who would vouch for you:

Chyrath A.K.A. "Cyberfalcon" or "Cyber"

4. Are you a real life friend or family member of a current member of Lords of Karma?

Yes, Chyrath, he is my older brother.

5. What do you feel you can bring to Lords of Karma?

I feel that I can bring a character who is fun to play with, who will have a fun time to PvP with, and overall can contribute to the guild as a whole.

For Applicants who wish to Raid

Computer Rig Information

1. Do you have Ventrilo and a Mic?


2. Does your computer have latency issues, lock-up, or crash a lot while playing Warcraft?

Not Usually.

3. What mods do you use? (specific to raiding - e.g. DBM, Recount, Omen, etc)

I don't use any raiding mods at the moment, but I have played on my brother's Shadowpriest a lot so I am used to DBM, Recount, Skada, ForteXorcist, Classtimer, DoTimer, GS ratings, and range checkers.

Raiding Information

1. Are you able to attend raids on these days and time (Tues 6-9 server, Weds 6:30-9, Fri 7-9)? Please note that raids can go past scheduled times.

I am a student in Highschool so chances of having a stable raiding schedule are difficult. It is summer right now so I can attend more raids than during the fall and winter.

2. I cannot raid raid on these days and time:

It depends where I am in the school year.

3. Will you be able to maintain a MINIMUM of 70% raid attendance? (or whatever % is decided on)

I do not know.

4. What is your raiding experience? Are you familiar with the content we will be raiding? For example, knowledge of Ulduar, Vault of Archavon bosses, etc. (please specify 10-man and 25-man).

I do. To be honest I have secretly been raiding with you guys with as Chyrath a few times when he was unable to get on in time for raid invites; dating all the way back to Gruul the Dragon Killer/Karazhan and Burning Crusade content. So 50% of all the content up until Ulduar.

5. Do you have a good grasp of your class? Have you read forums and done the research to ensure you play at the highest level?

Raiding-wise on ROGUES, little ACTUAL experience, but I do read the forums and watch YouTube Videos with Chyrath. With PvP, I am able to gank level 80's :P

6. Will you come prepared to raids with the appropriate consumables (food, flask etc) and on time? If you are unable to make it or if you are going to be late, please leave a note on the guild forums.

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Re: Naf Rogue Application

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The AddOn Master.
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Re: Naf Rogue Application

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You have to go pay to become a gnome first...

If you are a Friend of Cyber's just try to track down Totemed in game and talk to hiim...
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Re: Naf Rogue Application

Post by totemed »

Thank you for applying to Lords of Karma. Please find me in game to continue your application process. I"m sorry your related to Cyber : (

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