Shaliam appl to guild

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Shaliam appl to guild

Post by Shaliam »

Hi :)
Char name: Shaliam
Class: Druid
Spec: Resto
2nd spec: Boom
Prof: LW 450
Raiding: KS for 10 and 25man
Person known in guild: Gilgalad
Reason for applying: Hoping to find a nice, friendly guild to stay in. Would like to contribute to raiding, helping out other players, always willing to learn new things, support the guild in any capacity I can and have fun :) I have read your doctrine and would happily support its beliefs.
Still hooked on the game after 5 1/2 years :)

Thanks for your consideration
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Re: Shaliam appl to guild

Post by Borthatos »


I raided with Shaliam on my hunter Ronordin in Companions of Old during the end of Naxx/ beginning of Ulduar.

Great to see you joined :)
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