It's been a while

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Re: It's been a while

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To Sqeeks (and anyone else who wants to read):
Fallout Vegas is buggy with glitches and lockups and memory leaks, having said that: It is an awesome game. Loving it. SO many different story lines to follow , so much to do, it all is done very well. Technical issues asside the game gets 2 huge thumbs up.

Definitely need to make sure we get together for some D3 and ToR action! :)

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Re: It's been a while

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How could I forget you, Squeeks :)

Thanks for stopping in to say hi. I’m sorry to hear that you left WoW, but completely understand. At least you still made it to Blizzcon, which must have been a riot.

Hopefully I’ll run into you guys in Diablo and The Old Republic!
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