Rawfin 385 Frost Death Knight

Come here to inquire about guild recruitment. Open to the Public.
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Rawfin 385 Frost Death Knight

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Character Information
1. Main Character Name with Link to WoW Armory:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/w ... fin/simple
2. Real Life Age: 23
3. Class of your Main: Death Knight
4a. Primay Spec of your Main: Frost
4b. Secondary Spec of your Main: Blood
5. Professions and Level: None on this Toon
Alts are not allowed until the main is promoted to a member level.

Guild Information
1. Have you read and will abide by the Guild Doctrine? Yes
2. What are your previous/current guild(s) and why did/do you want to leave?
My Previous Guilds are Dreams KGB Shattered Souls Front Right To Left (Dreams) They Made fun of or said that alot of my friends where Crap [Friendship is important to me] (KGB) i left KGB to do Raiding (Shattered Soul) No Structure in this guild Not Active No Point in being in this guild so i left
3. List the names of people you know from Lords of Karma who would vouch for you: None
4. Are you a real life friend or family member of a current member of Lords of Karma? No
5. What do you feel you can bring to Lords of Karma? I can Bring Many things to Lords of Karma and somethings i cant bring but what i want to tell you is that i am willing to give all i can to do what needs to be done to be in or keep an Instance going, Also I know how some members hate those Members who just show up to Raid i am not one of those, I will help a member with a dungeon it matters not to me. If the need is there i will supply, I can Bring in New Ideas on Progression, New Class ideas on things of that Spectrum. The many things i can offer this guild can not be Expressed in Mere Words On a forum like this but i can say with a Just ammount of Respect and Pride i can Say that i can offer all i have said and even more. I thank you for Reviewing my Application and hope to see you in Guild chat Shooting the stuff like good ole' Pals should. :)

For Applicants who wish to Raid

Computer Rig Information
1. Do you have Ventrilo and a Mic? YEs
2. Does your computer have latency issues, lock-up, or crash a lot while playing Warcraft? Np
3. What mods do you use? (specific to raiding - e.g. DBM, Recount, Omen, etc)DBM Recount Omen Vuhdo(I do heal on my 85 Priest)

Raiding Information
1. Are you able to attend raids on these days and time (Tues 6-9 server, Weds 6:30-9, Fri 7-9)? Please note that raids can go past scheduled times. Yes
2. I cannot raid raid on these days and time: Any time past 11:00 PM
3. Will you be able to maintain a MINIMUM of 70% raid attendance? (or whatever % is decided on)Yes
4. What is your raiding experience? Are you familiar with the content we will be raiding? For example, knowledge of Ulduar, Vault of Archavon bosses, etc. (please specify 10-man and 25-man). Yes and if its Fuzzy i will Brush up Before Raids to make sure i do not fall behind
5. Do you have a good grasp of your class? Have you read forums and done the research to ensure you play at the highest level? Yes
6. Will you come prepared to raids with the appropriate consumables (food, flask etc) and on time? If you are unable to make it or if you are going to be late, please leave a note on the guild forums yes Comming with the Proper Materials is a Promident part of a Raid.
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